Good Decisions

Welcome to 2018. Like I told you, more money, less bullshit, eliminate the drama. Those are 3 things that we need to focus on this year.

But let’s not forget where we came from, of course. From a small little community of dancing addicts, with a little mix of party animals, and lego-building minds. Yesterday I wrote a quote, or before yesterday, I don’t remember, I’ve been recuperating from New Year’s celebrations: Good Decisions come from Experience, but Experience come from Bad Decisions. Let me elaborate a little bit on that. Ok. Roasting time. We all know and we all love our kizomba business. But y’all motherfucking instructors are tripping, because of your lack of good decisions. Even after you know that experience come from bad decisions, don’t go and try steal other people’s students. Because they gonna come to your class and they gonna tell people where they really learned from. People naturally have this sense of belonging with the things that they feel comfortable with. And if the students chose to go to a place, it was because there was something there that attracted them. Now by you trying to offer them a lower price so that they can come to your class, you just devalued your quality, your talent. Students will come and they will understand why they chose to go to their first school initially because they not gonna have the same experience with you as they did in the first place.

Living on that note in 2018, I would have to say make your own motherfucking students, build your own empire, go get your own people. And then you gonna see shit might change. That’s my little advice, but oh well, what do I know, I am just a little Dr Kizomba from Montreal, you can take it or leave it. #ipracticewhatipreach

Ma niggas and ma niggarettes, my people and my Quebecois, my Africans, my Haitians, my rainbow motherfucking looking family, tonight we have our Kitaba Social. Now it’s time for you to come and enjoy a beautiful night with DJ the Best.
Again Kitaba social, vibes of Montreal, let’s make this city warm again. Mi Gente, you already know, be sure to subscribe at to get your link to the live streaming at 8:30pm EST (UTC – 5:00).

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