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Good Morning Mi Gente, how you doing? I’m still in bed, I’ve got a little story to tell you that happened to me this morning.
There’s this cute couple on IG: they are song writers and they make good music. A couple of weeks ago they asked me if I wanted to be part of a nice kizomba project that they collaborating on with an Angolan artist. And I was like fuck yeah sure why not?! They told me it would be nice to do something around the 1:06 mark and I was like ok cool gimme some time, I am gonna put something together and send it back to you. But we forgot to specify what the deal was! Your boy got to work. I got out my pen and paper – no that doesn’t exist anymore- I got out my notes, started typing and came up with this hook:
Deixa te Tocar
Toque No Toque Depois
Copo  No Copo
O nosso Toque e de dois a dois
Lábio Com Lábio Beijos
Da Boca  Da Boca
Imaginando isso Pra Depois
Tarraxos | Amaços |
Isso é tudo Toque •
Deixa Eu Te Tocar Girl
Deixa Eu Te Tocar
I sent that back to the artist, and she told me “oh noooo we wanted you to dance on it”. I was like wtf, that’s easy! My music career got crushed. But the artist was so cool about it, she offered to speak to the producer and see what he thought. She spoke, and the producer was like “yeah! lets put that hook on, let’s put Dr. Kizomba on the song.” So now I gotta find a professional studio, record my hook and send it to them. Another remix that Im gonna have to do this weekend! As well, I’m gonna send them a video for promotional purposes! They were so cute, thank you so much for the opportunity! Stay tuned on iTunes!
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