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Relaxing Sunday evening. Good day Mi Gente. You already know this is your unapologetic motherfucker aka Dr. Kizomba. Today, still in Cincinnati. The picture you are seeing right now, that was for the workshop of Dr. Kizomba, first time in Cincinnati with these lovely and amazing people. Let me just break it down how it went down. Oh shit, that shit even rhymed.

It was a 4 hour workshop of Kizomba and Semba. It was, how can I say, amazing. I cannot even describe in words. Amazing why? This is my first time in this city. And you know Dr. Kizomba is on a mission of spreading Angolan culture all over the world. Somehow I felt really connected with these folks. Not only in a dancing level but as well in a spiritual level. CinciKiz by the leadership Lisa Butts – don’t ask me, that’s her name, and she gotta big butt too – is definitely making a big impact in the Kizomba scene here in Cincinnati. Meaning, she’s doing a good job of keeping the people dancing, enthusiastic and wanting to do more. So give it up one more time for CinciKiz for maintaining and Atrevidos dance studio to bless me with the opportunity of coming here and doing my thing. Thank you Thierry and of course my brother from another mother, Douglas Lee Ortiz. These happy faces can only describe what happened in that room for 4 hours, but satisfaction was in the air. Met new friends and they definitely came here to stay. Had amazing conversations with folks that made me
realize a little bit of the impact that I have.

I will describe a little bit more as I go but I don’t wanna make it too long, because I want you guys to read it on the IG. Like my young people say, Facebook is for old people.

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