Bad Man | Kitaba | 2k19

Oh my god. What a week. Miami was amazing. I got into Montreal, you guys saw my last quotes. Some other shit happened of course that I don’t really want to get into man. But all in all it was just a misunderstanding, I’m glad that it cleared out and the funny thing about it is that a few people that had nothing to do with the situation jumped. One particular girl that I really don’t wanna say her name because you know by saying her name I’m gonna give her more followers and shit, hell no booboo, you ain’t that hot. Anyway, yes she jumped and she was addressing your doctor in a way that I don’t even know what she mentioned but she wanted to say that I am baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad man /I’m not ashamed of /A baaaaad man yeah/ And don’t need your love/I’m a baaaaaad man yeah/I’m not ashamed of/I’m a baaaaad man/My life’s made me tough. And I’m like, let me just unfriend her, because I really like her boyfriend, her boyfriend is my dude he never did anything to me, and I’m like just because your girl has an uncontrolled mouth, I don’t think people should pay for that, like I’m talking about the boyfriend, you know? So I’ll let it semi slide. Definition of semi slide: I let it slide for now, but I’m watching you and I’m gonna catch you slipping. And then, boom! Without you expecting. Keep your guard up. But it’s all good.

On a good note. Kitaba social was amazing. Glad the students are learning. Glad the classes are growing. 2k19 lets continue the hard work. My readers, I got new stuff for you.

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