Day 40 | Baltimore: Early Flight

Put my shades on, didn’t sleep after Kitaba, packed my bags, sold 3 leggings, had 14 pairs with me, now have 10-11 with me. Got my Asics bag, packed all my leggings at the bottom like a smuggler, put all my clothes on top to make it a little normal. Get to the airport, flying United, a little traumatized you know because of that Asian doctor that didn’t wanna leave and got ruffled up to leave the plane because of overcapacity and then security came and made his face hit every single seat on the plane supposedly accidentally, and he got a bloody face. You know the story, that’s why I’m traumatized. And I find myself waiting for 5 seconds at the American Airlines, how do I know that? The lady at the counter told me “sir you are flying United, but you in the American Airlines, or Airway, line” I don’t remember, for someone who didn’t sleep after Kitaba, that’s hard to remember. So I made my way to United. There were 3 people, the place was empty as fuck but my flight was delayed, oh well. My flight was supposed to take off 6:40 but now they say it will take off at 8:40, 2 hours. And its 4:40 right now. That means Imma stay at the airport for 4 hours. What a great first flight! Then I went to the United counter, it was actually pretty cool. There were 3 people, one Asian, one Black, one I-dunno, she was white but she looked Portuguese, you know that white that you dunno where it’s from. Anyhow. The Jamaican girl was cool, hey I’m not trying to be racist, but she had short baldy hair, but it was blond and she was black, yeah! So you know me, I’m into style, so anyone with a cool style is an automatic attraction. I didn’t have to do the einie meenie mo shit, I went to her counter. She was really cool, she told me I would make my connection, even though my flight is at 11am, because my landing flight is at the same terminal, I am gonna be able to make it. And I ask her, you know it is gonna be a tight flight, right? Because my flight is leaving at 11:05, and my flight is landing at 10:20, and she was like “don’t worry! You gonna be landing at the same terminal.” And I was like, ok whatever you say. On my soberness, on day 40, I was like mmmm, if anything delays there goes my next flight, and I’m gonna go to Times Square again. Newark is in NJ, NJ is next to NY, take an Uber, 20 minutes or whatever time it takes, go to Times Square and take another picture. But hey, she was cool, she was laughing, she was playing the “you funny!” game. Usually people like my sense humor but I usually use it to mock my haters. You know, type of sarcastic bullshit, yayyyyyyyy.  Oh! I just remembered, I got my lips red again because of non-smoking and not drinking! I got my lips red again, I can really say I am done smoking. Going back to my story, she gave me ticket and then I walk into the international gate, 400 motherfuckers in front of me, yayyyy. As you can see, as I already posted on the internet. I post one on the beginning, and one in the middle of the line. I gotta smile tho. Wait, that was a fake smile, just to convince myself that the line is not that bad. But it IS that bad. But what can I do, I gotta do the protocol and wait for this shit, because anyway, my flight is gonna take motherfucking long!
Now I am currently in the line, in the middle of the line, I see some careless motherfuckers and some unhappy faces. But you can understand, its 4 o’clock in the morning. I just keep my shades on because I don’t wanna give no eye contact with no motherfucker.As we continue this travel blog… Music selection: Kanye West, lalalala wait till I get my money right. Oh and I just saw my girl, one girl I used to see all the time when I was traveling to the US, she is still working here. She just made smile, because actually she is the girl that get my Hugo Boss perfume for the first tim,e you know the black and red Hugo Boss perfume, yeah that Dr Kizomba smell, shiiiiiiiit. I’m gonna go and say hi to her, because she is mad cool and I am gonna ask her again where the heck is my perfume. She probably gave it to her ex-boyfriend because that was a long time ago. And we in Montreal where people sometimes change boyfriends like underwear. They calling people for random checks at security, you know the random checkups they say they chose 8 people, but they put that white paper in your hands to see if you have any drugs or chemicals on their hands. I saw the girl counting people so I walked fast so that I am not person #8, but I know I am always person #8. Yooooo, Wakanda still alive, I just passed over 40 people because my perfume girl friend remembered me and let me pass the whole line. She was bold, she made me cross the line, and white people were mad. Hahaha that was dope. Reason 1: I am black. Reason 2: she’s black, that’s why. That feels good. That’s called privilege. Black privilege, oh snap. I get it! I got some privilege in this bitch. It feels very good to know people.
So I am chilling right now like a villain. That’s sweet. I know they gonna ask me to put all my shit out at security, oh well who cares. Now is the time to put the laptop in one back, but put my bag in another back, take my shoes off, my belt off, start stripping. Now everything smooth, I just finished security, I’m in line for America, you know the customs. The customs are actually in Montreal airport, we actually cross the border in Montreal. There is a long line, but not really. I’m gonna have to wait a little bit to see an agent to let me into the United States but its gonna be a good wait because 2 people is speaking Portuguese in front of me, I think they from Brazil, and I can understand everything they saying. Now I am starting to understand that I am getting to America, and multi culturalism is around me. I am closer to the border! Oops beside I just saw a girl that was in front of me in the first line, and now she behind me. Again black privilege. Life is tough but we gotta accept it. I feel white right now. You gotta know some people that know some people that know some people. Hey! I just saw a cute baby. Isn’t there a policy where the babies gotta be first? I really got get that global entrance iris shit where they just look at your eyeball and then you are good  to cross the border. Can’t wait to be sent to the back, like always. That became my priority for a long time, be sent to the back. I wonder what’s the policy for people picking your nose, because I see motherfuckers picking their nose and then shaking people’s hands. Yeah. I wonder what’s the policy. An agent is looking at me, wondering if I am talking to someone because of my expression, because you not supposed to use your phone, but I am using my wireless headsets! I did my good deed for the day, I let a wheelchair person pass in front of me, so god help me before I cross the border, or otherwise I’ll have to Spartacus. Tonight we dine in hell. The girl behind me is shaking. Another good deed for the day, I let her pass, her flight was soon.
The agent was Latino read my name, and I could tell he wanted to speak Spanish with me, he look at me, he was like just go, man just go. I crossed the border! That was fast! Black privilege again. I wanna buy a perfume, but I dunno which one. My girl Elizabeth is helping me chose. I just got my favorite perfume. Kenzo! I see all the alcohol at the duty free, but I don’t wanna get any because I don’t feel like any on my 40 days of soberness. So I am gonna treat myself to some Canadian popcorn. I am passing through Houston Ave Bar and Grill, I used to sit right there and get a beer and eat a steak before every flight, but I don’t feel like it, I don’t feel like eating bacon, I don’t feel like eating a muffin, I don’t feel like eating shit, I just feel like sitting down and not doing shit. I’m just gonna sit and eat my popcorn, because I have 2 hours to kill. I just saw a girl that is considered a midget. And then I am gonna pick my favorite spot, you know the spot where you can see the aircraft, yeaaaaaaaaaah, that is my favorite spot. Oh look, someone is sleeping, yeah that girl is sleeping, that girl out cold. They have nice chairs here, I am gonna sit in this bitch. Oh wait there is a Starbucks, I’m gonna get me a coffee.
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