Day 39 | Baltimore: 1 day to go

Good morning Mi Gente, Good afternoon. Good morning again, because its noon.⏰

I will start with my quote of the day “A person who feels appreciated will always do more than is expected”. On that note, Facebook is motherfucking going crazy, man! In a good motherfucking way. All I see is Gindungo Gindungo Gindungo Gindungo Gindungo Gindungo Gindungo. That’s what happened when you put all your international friends together in the same room mix with your students from Kizomba Canada and when you start to delete all the motherfuckers that contradict you or make you feel in any type of way or form or shape weird with their comments or opinions. Now you see this Facebook shit is very important for your well-being. Because when you delete a fucking hater, you will not have to see this motherfucker’s face or insecurities or opinions on your newsfeed. So that leads into a good morning, you wake up with funny shit because your eyes are surrounded with people like you, that think like you, that love you. So any type of person that does something that you don’t agree with, delete that bitch, or that nigga, or that bitch-nigga because it will allow you to live in a beautiful world because what your eyes can see and ears can listen will affect your mood for the day. Therefore good morning Mi Gente!Today is day 39. Soberness and alcohol freedooooooom! Smokes are no longer in my systeeeeeeeeem. I’m getting my life back.

Gindungo 4. I gotta thank my people that already bought their tickets. The numbers are getting high. Make sure you get your tickets right now Mi Gente, you got exactly 3 days before the tickets move from 70 to 80 bucks. At the door you will cry, remember? 200$ at the door. I am nice, but Flavie don’t play. And Flavie is the boss. I am just a worker, my name is just there because it sounds nice. Get your tickets in the next 3 days. For my American people, I know that is only like 50 USD. For my European people I dunno shit, maybe 40 Euros? For my African people, I know… Ebo and Nana, talk to them.

Now. One day to go until Baltimore to see my people and to do what I do best, my traveling blog, Mi Gente. You gotta make sure to stay in tune for your boy dr kizomba’s trips and I’m gonna be in Baltimore representing this beautiful city at the Kizomba-Bachata-Salsa Congress. Well… they call it Baltimore Salsa Congress, but I’m gonna call it “Kizomba-Bachata-Salsa Congress in Baltimore”. Shiiiiiiiiiiiit. I’m sorry, Dola, I had to put my dance first, because I am biased these days.

Thank you so much my people for posting a lot about #Gindungo, the pictures are out there on the website. The pictures are as well on Gindungo Festival on Facebook. Make sure you click you “like” the festival page, and make sure you purchase your tickets for next year.

And that’s my daily post for today.

Tonight, we have Kitaba social, the one and only social where you dance kizomba, semba and kuduro, okay? Kizomba, semba and kuduro in their natural form, the way it should be.

Kizomba Canada leggings

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