Day 9 | Toronto Here We Come

Good day Gang Gang. It’s your boy Dr. Kizomba on my sober day #9. Shit is clearer to my head, and now all the alcohol has drained out of my system, feeling super high, having super powers of focussing, and the energy is 100. As you can see in these pictures right here, highly connected with the crowd, and not missing one chance of expression. Oooooooh yes, Toronto here we come. I’m coming with all my outlaw gang members so that we can do a performance on Saturday night, premiere, and we can have some fun. Now. When it comes to performing and dancing and teaching, sober can be controlling. Oh lord, I hate my brain.

Roasting time. If you not aware with that, yesterday was so surreal shit. While my Americans were having some food in USA, we did not kill any turkey in Canada because that’s not our Thanksgiving. An individual mentioned my name in a comment as a joking contest. I contacted the same individual and that same individual acted all gangsta like, like when I see you I’m pull up type of shit, Facebook gangsta like. So… I was, oh shit. This shit is getting serious, I guess I’m gonna have to do something about this. The hating is getting to another level I didn’t know existed. So, you know me on my savage shit, I went ahead and I was like say whaaaaat nigga? Nigga is just gonna come at me like this and talk this gangsta shit, intimidate and threaten me online and he’s not gonna get some smoke? That’s wasn’t the case. I just expose his ass, since he wanted to be famous. Oh well, you know how that story ended.

I kept on playing my Red Dead Redemption game, while my sober days kept piling up. I know my friends. I am not supposed engage with mini type of shit like that. But you know? When niggas mention my name, they gotta be ready for that smoke!

At the end it’s all good. Your Dr. Kizomba is all good. I just had to take a little break to readjust my body so we can continue this party. I already finished two bottles of juice!

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