Kitaba Was Lit | #stuckinlisbon Flashbacks

Good day Mi Gente, your boy just woke up, Kitaba last night was too good.

It’s your boy Dr. Kizomba unapologetic motherfucker. You already know the drill, we don’t have to tell you more. Yesterday was a very grey day because yesterday was grey. When I left my crib, it looked like a sweater day. Not a jacket but a sweater day. This is actually the best time for dressing because you can put your outfits well together. Am I really talking about the day and the weather? Wtf! Alright, Dr. Kizomba show Tuesday, hilarious! I was talking about an important subject and these niggas wanted to fight. This is getting beautiful. I thought that kizomba and urban kiz people, I mean flamingo people, we need to get along! But my love for drama is also very well appreciated so keep fighting niggas!

Yesterday was Kitaba, with DJ Do Marçal. Mi Gente, you already know, every Wednesday, get your dance shoes ready, get your #semba and #kizomba ready because we draw our signatures on the dancefloor with our feet. In Montreal. Kitaba social, no bull, no bias. The place where we dance, sweat and laugh, harmonically. Yes, I really like the sounds of that. It’s like The Sounds of Music, aka one of my favorite things – without that white girl, of course.

I’m here getting my shit together, ready to go to Portugal. Can’t wait to go to Costa Da Caparica, and hang out with my favorite people at All Stars Kizomba Festival. And Drake still hasn’t responded! Drake, Drake, Drake… Is you afraid, boy? I mean, the man just put your business out there, boy. It’s lyrically violent aka disrespectful! But, you know! You can’t lose the battle, bro! You were good with the Meek Mills thing. Is Adidon really your son? Shiiiiit, Pusha T. Well, you mentioned his wife’s name. You know how disrespectful that can turn into. Well. That’s life. Going back to whatever I was saying, yeah man! We also had the free Dr. Kizomba class. I was extra hilarious, as soon as I see my students I got a joke ready.

This month, we gonna close out the #stuckinlisbon chapter by going back to Lisbon and taking a picture at the same spot, for reminiscing purposes.

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