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Good day Mi Gente! I know I have been absent from writing. Don’t get me wrong, ok? Too much fucking privates and only 2 arms and 2 feet 😂. So that means that I have to work twice as hard. I wish I could rent a motherfucking extra body so one could do the dancing and the other one could do the blogging and writing. I’m talking about clonification motherfuckers!

Man!! I woke up this morning, I had a private at 12 o’clock, I was dreaming and then I woke up. Shiiit, I was almost late, well a little late for my private. I called the motherfucking Uber while I am in bed, jumped on the motherfucking Uber, did a deep clean, brushing teeth, washing face, armpit, zozo washing all this shit. Jump outside of my house into the Uber and my phone jumped off my fanny pack and smashed on the floor. Baaaaaam!!!! The screen looking like a fucking Spider-Man suit, all cracked up. No time to even moan about my broken phone, I had to do this class, followed by 2 hours, well today we did 3 hours, with the Kizomba Canada team getting them ready for the new show. Then on the side, private with Big Will, became I gotta get him ready for his wedding with Jen. Not knowing i gotta go get my stuff back because tonight I have a Kizomba Canada meeting with the team, which I am sure is gonna end up with a lotta drinking and talking shit. We call that a Dr. Kizomba Sunday, motherfuckers, SunDAY, the day you are supposed to plot for the next week.

So everybody, happy weekend, and I hope you gonna have a good fucking week.

This message is approved by your boy AKA Dr. Kizomba… and if you not feeling good, just go to my IG or Facebook page and you will see a video of a really young girl dancing Kizomba, and that video will make you smile. If that video don’t make you smile, nigga kill yourself! ☠️

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