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1983, this is the year I was born. I always thought that year was special cause that’s when Nicole Kidman came out with a movie: BMX bandits. I watched that movie over a million times back to back! I don’t wanna tell you how the movie goes because y’all motherfuckers have Netflix and shit like that. Just go and look up the movie; it’s a Dr Kizomba favorite.

In 1983, I don’t really remember shit cause I was born that year ok, but a lot of people told me many things happened in 1983. But growing up in the 80s and seeing how cool shit was, I don’t think we ever got any cooler than that! At that time, cocaine was like weed now, the world was colourful! Everyone would turn up. Remember that shit? Saturday night fever from John Travolta. That was the era ! Remember Atari ? Kids, now you know PlayStation right? Back then was Atari. I remember my Atari nigga, shiiit… the year of Levi Strauss, Converse. See, I told you the 80s are cool as fuck, motherfuckers the 80s!

As you see, I’m a loyal 80s baby. And the age ain’t nothing but wine baby; it gets better with time.

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