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How To Spot A Self-Taught Dancer | The Dr. Kizomba Show!

Every week, I go through hot topics surrounding the kizomba world. Don’t forget to follow me if you like what I do (and click the bell to be notified when I go live). Check all my videos at Wanna learn kizomba? — Already a boss at kizomba and want to get to the […]

Taxi Dancers: Do We Really Need Them? – Ep. 9

The Dr. Kizomba Show Intro Music: Bela Chicola: “Ndoto”

The Dr. Kizomba Show! – Ep. 5

The Dr. Kizomba Show! with Manuel Dos Santos Today’s topics: 1. Relationships on the dance floor 2. Defining what makes a good kizomba dancer Today’s music: Lil Saint: “Quimica”

Smelling Good | The Dr. Kizomba Show! – Ep. 3

Topics of the day: 1. Smelling good 2. Avoiding rejection 3. Adjusting with your partner Music: Bela Chicola – Ndoto