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Beginner Level

A total of 8 lessons that will give you a start in the world of Kizomba.

- 8 Beginner Level Lessons
- Bonus Material
- No Partner Required
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Intermediate Level

Following the Beginner Level, Intermediate Level consists of 8 lessons that will make you go further in your journey to becoming an outstanding Kizomba dancer.

- 8 Intermediate Level Video Lessons
- Bonus Material
- No Partner Required
- Lifetime Access
- 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Advanced Level

Advanced Level follows Intermediate Level and shows you advanced Kizomba moves that will make you stand out on the dance floor.

- 8 Advanced Lessons (15-25 min each)
- Bonus Material
- No Partner Required
- Lifetime Access
- 30 Days Money Back Garantee


Manuel Dos Santos, aka Dr Kizomba, has been dancing for over 20 years. Although his repertoire includes hip-hop, Capoeira and Latin Ballroom, his passion is definitely Kizomba.

While growing up in Angola, he learned how to dance Kizomba and other African rhythms such as Semba, Kuduro and Rebita (known as the Angolan Rueda), then moved on to hip-hop, Capoeira and Latin Ballroom.

In 2010, Manuel Dos Santos founded Kizomba Canada, the fist Kizomba school in Canada and United States.

In 2014, Manuel Dos Santos and his partner participated in the 7th Edition of AfricAdancar, the Kizomba International Championship. The couple won the first place the improvisation category, and placed fourth worldwide.

Manuel is one of the most sought after Kizomba artists in the world. He has performed and taught worldwide, including Japan, Spain, Netherlands, Bermuda, Curacao, Turkey, Russia, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal and in several American and Canadian cities.

Manuel’s vision is to create dance awareness. Kizomba isn't just a Dance; it is a form of expression, an art, a passion, and a lifestyle.

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