Dr. Kizomba

The Best 100 Kizomba Moves

By Dr. Kizomba

You already know how to dance kizomba but wanna keep your style fresh?

Want to make sure your dance partners never get bored dancing Kizomba with you?

There is always more to learn, more to teach, more to give.  Mi Gente, you already know, your boy has got you covered.

100 moves of your doctor’s favorite tricks new and old. I am talking about the moves you see on the dance floor, the slides, the lifts, grabbing the leg of the lady, doing the splits. Anything you dream you want in your kizomba, we got the move here on this site. You already know, your doctor always says “Repetition is the mother of all learning”. So my people, you need to practice. By signing up for these 100 moves, you will get lifetime access to my collection of special tricks online, so you can practice these advanced moves over and over until you master them.

These 100 moves are now available to you for a lump-sum of $197USD  or for my people that are counting their pennies, 12 monthly payments of $19.70USD.

This was hard work. This was sacrifice. Many times, after teaching my regular classes, your boy would stay at the studio filming until 5 or 6 in the morning with the Dr. Kizomba production team. Mi Gente, imagine your boy staying up till 6am for work, not for partying, MORE THAN ONCE. I know I know, I was confused too. We worked hard. Physically, that’s a lot of dancing – we filmed the tricky moves, not the easy stuff, no tarraxinha. It’s a lot of concentration too. My face doesn’t wanna smile and look awake at 6am. My face wanna sleep. But we did it, getting everything just right, from the angles, to the words, to the lighting, to the smiling. My team and I worked hard to finish the program. I am proud.

Now go and take this hard work and bring your kizomba to the next level.

Your boy,

Manuel Dos Santos, aka Dr. Kizomba

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