Day 58 | Vodka Watermelon

Mi Gente. Your boy is bawling because I missed Yuri Da Cuhna’s show last night 😭but… instead I went to work and you already know… I had an amazing party. 😛 Woke up ate some bacalhau, finished with some sangria and some other stuff I can’t put on social media, feeling kinda zombie 😉listening to […]

Day 20 | Gindungo: 15 to go

Good morning Mi Gente. Like I told you yesterday, today is sober day #20, alcohol and drugs free. Amazing feeling after BCG yesterday this is one of my favorite socials to go dance in Mtl, salsa, bachata and kizomba. I like Moka too so don’t get jealous Brown Sugar. The only annoying thing yesterday was […]

Tunisia SBK | Travel Blog | Day 2

Tunisia. Omg it’s 9 oclock and I have so much jet lag but I cannot sleep! My body is tired as fuck, man! I’m yawning as I am writing. Oh Lord help me, Allah s’il vous plait! The party last night was off the chain. But let me tell you one thing. These ladies right […]

Day 21 | Sweat Life

Mi Gente! Thank you so much for the Welcome Back special edition of Kizomba Nights on Saturday. Was off the chain. Seeing new faces, students, colleagues, friends and people I’ve known for many years was doubly satisfying: I know that they are ok and they know I am ok. DJ Fofo Ja and DJ The […]