Day 59 | Almost Home and Nostalgic

Kudos to Andrea, a friend of a friend, that hooked up Dr Kizomba with a gold classic digital Casio watch #mykindagift. Of course I slept wearing the watch and it would beep every hour scaring the shit outta me. Last night, I feel asleep on the couch, cuddling my vodka watermelon, watching my new love, […]

Day 129 | Winter Sauna

Good day but not really good morning. It’s snowing outside ☃️. Canadian weather on deck. Didn’t bought my boots yet. One of the things I like is drinking tap water because always comes fresh like a motherfucker. And having African blood, you know my heater is always on max. My place is so cozy, like […]

New York | New Jersey | Travel Blog

In my brain after Gindungo. Am lost because it’s a mix of feelings. I am very proud to push the bar higher but remember: with every single success, people turn against you, even the ones close to you. Paranoid? yes indeed, but when things happen over and over again, it’s just like the weather – […]

Day 21 | Sweat Life

Mi Gente! Thank you so much for the Welcome Back special edition of Kizomba Nights on Saturday. Was off the chain. Seeing new faces, students, colleagues, friends and people I’ve known for many years was doubly satisfying: I know that they are ok and they know I am ok. DJ Fofo Ja and DJ The […]

Musical Troll

Woke up this morning from a nightmare. One of my students posted a video of myself and Flavie in one of the local Facebook groups in Montreal. A beautiful video, one of our best videos. That video has about 30k views on our social media pages, combined. It’s a beautiful video, we really appreciate that […]

Day 41 | Teaching in Lisbon

#AlwaysStartFromTheBottom ⬆️ Yesterday was Class #2 of your doctor’s 4 week kizomba session at the View Rooftop. Mi gente, class was… a #revelation. The students learned there is a count in kizomba! Yes! They didn’t know. 😳They understood that to dance kizomba for real, they must LISTEN for the count in the music, and respect […]

Day 72 | Family First

Woke up on another day in another city. On Sunday I got bad news about my nephew: Junior was sick at the hospital. He is first born of the next generation, the first grandson of the family, our biggest baby . Knowing that, without thinking twice, your doctor jumped on the bus and made my […]

Day 17 | Gindungo: 18 to go

Afternoon Mi Gente! We a few hours into day 17 of soberness and smoke free. Carrot juices nuts and fish, home-cooked food, nothing but the best water in this system aka Canadian-tap water from the rivers and mountains of Quebec, fresh like a drop of snow. Yeah baby. We got that water so pure that […]

Day 60 | Montreal, Are You Ready?

The struggle is over, the fun was necessary. 60 days of tears, joy and celebration. I had my last bacalhau at the airport and I took a piece with me just to be sure before I land to have a snack. I’ll close my eyes as I eat it and reminisce about my crazy experience […]