Day 58 | Vodka Watermelon

Mi Gente. Your boy is bawling because I missed Yuri Da Cuhna’s show last night 😭but… instead I went to work and you already know… I had an amazing party. 😛 Woke up ate some bacalhau, finished with some sangria and some other stuff I can’t put on social media, feeling kinda zombie 😉listening to […]

Day 127 | Some Good News!

Good day Montreal! It’s Wednesday. You already know that we have our Kizomba classes starting at 6:30pm. You already know that all my Montreal people can come and join Dr. Kizomba for a free class starting at 8:30pm, mixing up with the Kitaba social, and we’ll finish at midnight… ish. Alright. We got some great […]

Day 24 | Gindungo: 11 to go

Good day, good day Mi Gente! Fuck man, I had a crazy dream last night. But first, today is sober day 24, alcohol free, carrot juice boy, still on the grizzle for all my nizzles representing that soberness. The dream was dope, because my dream was a mix between my iWatch and the movie Blade […]

Trip to Africa | In My Feelings | Heart

#triptoafrica | #inmyfeelings | #heart I’ll keep my filters off and speak my mind and finally tell you what I think about this dance thing, yeah. When I started dancing I always felt like I am flying and all the current stressful problems will go away. Exactly like when Lauren Hill make her solo CD […]

Day 31 | In Shape, Almost

Mi Gente, I’ll admit. Life was good when #stuckinlisbon. So good that your boy came back to Canada weighing a LITTLE bit over 200lbs #detailsarenotimportant. All those giant chubby shrimp 🍤 in your boy’s belly. Well, I woke up today, and got on the scale and I am 194.8lbs #detailsareveryimportant. Boom! 💣No other exercise being […]

Good Decisions

Welcome to 2018. Like I told you, more money, less bullshit, eliminate the drama. Those are 3 things that we need to focus on this year. But let’s not forget where we came from, of course. From a small little community of dancing addicts, with a little mix of party animals, and lego-building minds. Yesterday […]


I really gotta clean my forehead! I don’t know what that shit is, but I really should clean it. Too much sweat and shit. Aight mi Gente it’s your boy Dr Kizomba, don’t worry. I am in Vermont this weekend. I just taught 3 classes. Handing out with my Dsantos VT franchise, a lot of […]

Day 41 | Teaching in Lisbon

#AlwaysStartFromTheBottom ⬆️ Yesterday was Class #2 of your doctor’s 4 week kizomba session at the View Rooftop. Mi gente, class was… a #revelation. The students learned there is a count in kizomba! Yes! They didn’t know. 😳They understood that to dance kizomba for real, they must LISTEN for the count in the music, and respect […]

Day 81 | Student Energy on High

Woke up this morning feeling kinda dizzy. Man, I’m in love with my students. 😍 🔹#kuduroMondays: Monday’s kuduro class was ah-maze-zing. Lots of returning faces from the Summer Set program, which means they liked what they got. They worked HARD. They sweated at LOT. They sweated a little bit but they smiled and laughed! And […]

All Queens Matter

Afternoon Montreal and the world. Today is another Wednesday, with many more to come. Focusing on today: get your feet ready because we actually starting a little earlier with the back to school program. 6:30pm beginners, 7:30pm intermediate so that at 8:30pm sharp we start the advanced class and as well the live streaming of […]

Home Sweet Home | Kitaba | Gindungo

Greetings my fellow readers! It’s your boy aka unapologetic motherfucker aka Dr Kizomba, giving you a rumour report from the crib. As you know, today we are officially 13 full days away from the Gindungo festival, 3 parties back to back with a surprise after party on Saturday till 6oclock in the morning. So excited […]

Day 59 | Almost Home and Nostalgic

Kudos to Andrea, a friend of a friend, that hooked up Dr Kizomba with a gold classic digital Casio watch #mykindagift. Of course I slept wearing the watch and it would beep every hour scaring the shit outta me. Last night, I feel asleep on the couch, cuddling my vodka watermelon, watching my new love, […]