Dr. Kizomba Show | Tuesday Semba | Kitaba Social

Good morning, good afternoon, good midday. It’s your boy Dr. Kizomba, unapologetic motherfucker. Yesterday we just finished filming 100 videos for the VIP club. You better subscribe my people, there’s a lot of moves there, for years! Hard work pays off. And of course, today at 3pm we have your Dr. Kizomba show. The topic […]

Goodbye California | Home sweet home | Montreal

Mi Gente. Just touched down in this motherfucker. When I say motherfucker, I mean my city, aka Montreal #dontgotoEuropecometoMtl. I really gotta talk to you guys about this last weekend in California, aka LA Summer Bachata Fedtival. I wanna thank Jorge Contreras and Leslie Ferrera for being true to Dr. Kizomba for many many years […]

Trinidad | Day 4 | Paradise

🏖 Today is all about Bake & Shark 🦈 Maracas, but before that I gotta tell you more stories about last night. After hours & hours of workshops and cool vibes, we decided to hit a local spot DJ Fluffman & Bob Marley son where on the mix : Kizomba 🎼 Soca 🎼 Dancehall 🎼 […]