Day 56 | Gangsta Physique Day 3

Good morning, Mi Gente! What a great night yesterday, or evening, or whatever you want to fucking call it. It’s been a long time I haven’t crossed the border to go to Vermont. Me and the team went to pay some respects to DSantos VT, our first franchise, teach a class, and be at the […]

Day 55 | Gangsta Physique Day 2

Finished my workout right now. Wow what a workout, man I almost forgot how to work out my back. Pull ups were so hard today, because I did them yesterday. As I was figuring out my workout as I go, man it felt great. But one thing I noticed. Having a personal trainer is one […]

Day 54 | Gangsta Physique Day1

I am at the gym. Subscribing. They making me fill a form. I hate forms, that is just like school. That’s why I started my own business, so I wouldn’t have to deal with forms and bullshit. I hate forms. It’s so long, I’m already paying everything they want me to pay, why do they […]

Day 54 | Vermont: 1 day to go

Good afternoon. Wow, what an amazing Kitaba night last night. Each week, keeps on getting better. Gotta give it up to my boy Fofo Jah, he did an impeccable job. The dance floor was off the chain. The students were happy and in pain, their feet, I’m talking about. So much dancing going on the […]