Day 59 | Almost Home and Nostalgic

Kudos to Andrea, a friend of a friend, that hooked up Dr Kizomba with a gold classic digital Casio watch #mykindagift. Of course I slept wearing the watch and it would beep every hour scaring the shit outta me. Last night, I feel asleep on the couch, cuddling my vodka watermelon, watching my new love, […]

Delayed Good Times

Maaaaaan, good morning Mi Gente. I’m 😔 . I’m sad that I am not going to be able to be in Lisbon on time for my workshop and parties organized by Miguel and Monica 💔. Thank you to my brother Bonifacio for being my backup this weekend. We are already arranging a new date so […]

Day 61 | Mexico

The trip was amazing. Couldn’t see anything, slept all the way because we had to leave the house around 5 oclock. We had an amazing night with the Kitaba social last night, a lot of people came. Was one of the nights where I danced the most. They did an amazing birthday surprise in the […]

Bye Miami | New Year | New Life

Happy happy happy happy new year. This is the first post that we doing in 2019 for our blog so let’s start this year on a great note and making sure that everybody can be able to access my posts and have a beautiful laugh and understand the concept of the writing behind. I am […]

Dr. Kizomba | Salsa Dancing | History

Baltimore SBK Congress Thank You… Simply the bomb … I wanna start by saying. In the years of 2001, 2002, I saw this amazing guy of the name of Franky Martinez. I had just started dancing salsa and the dude really inspired me in every possible way. I love that dude so much that I […]

LA Bachata Festival | Dr. Kizomba | Family

LA Bachata Festival is just unreal how y’all put this event together. We’ve been coming since 2014,now we are in 2019 and the partying is just getting better and better. Omg the pool parties ,the bikini contest and Jack & Jill. The new friends, the old friendships, never lost the bands… Jorge & Leslie, the […]

Day 28 | Modest Like Mayweather

Mi Gente, did you watch the fight? Damn. There were 2 people in that ring, but only one of them was a boxer. I am a McGregor fan, but Mayweather demolished him. It was like watching a tiger play with a kitten. You can’t fake greatness. Watching Mayweather is watching the results of thousands of […]

Day 28 | Bye Bye New York City

Bye bye New York City. I will see you soon. Thank you for the hospitality and accommodation and of course your quality of lifestyle. The city that never sleeps, the good the bad and the ugly and especially the rough on the outside and soft on the inside of these people. When you look at […]

On the Bus to TO

Good morning. Woke up so tired. Realized I had to be in the bus by 9o’clock. Got a reminder at 8:50, of course I didn’t make it. Jumped on the 2nd bus at 10:30 to be able to make to my workshop in T-dot at 7pm. Yes, I have enough time to see my nephew […]

Dr. Kizomba | Travel Blog | Cincinnati

Good day Mi Gente it’s your boy Dr. Kizomba aka your unapologetic motherfucker doing the damn thing throwing them things. Today I’m gonna start with a private class around 7 o’clock at the studio, but I was really bumming all day dealing with the situations that I cannot really tell you right now, pending the […]