Day 25 | TO, We’re Coming

Mi Gente! The doctor is back at it! Your boy and the Kizomba Canada squad are off to TO for the 3rd edition of the AngoFest street festival. We are gonna teach. We are gonna perform. We are gonna dance. We are gonna party hard. 🎉😎🎉 And after turning it up in the Six, Sunday […]

Good Decisions

Welcome to 2018. Like I told you, more money, less bullshit, eliminate the drama. Those are 3 things that we need to focus on this year. But let’s not forget where we came from, of course. From a small little community of dancing addicts, with a little mix of party animals, and lego-building minds. Yesterday […]

Day 62 | Mexico, Day 2 | Birthday Boy

Good morning Mi Gente! Literally this was the first early workshop I ever had in my life. 10 o’clock on a Friday morning, started to teach semba in Mexico. I dunno where all these people came from, but they were there by 9:30 waiting at the door. Ate a little bit in between, took a […]

Back in Lisbon | Good News | Angolan Approval

Good day Mi Gente. At this particular moment I’m staring at the sun right and I’m looking into a purple tree just outside of my window listening to Prince Kiyee Banamoya. Don’t forget to download this shit, this is a banger right here, this is a banger! We got great news for you. Mama Edith’s […]

Day 43 | Two Parties, One Night

Mi Gente! What’s good? Your doctor is giving another workshop tonight, followed by a party. 👉 #TheNewFaceOfLisbon 😎 Did you see my #day42 live video? Yesterday was good. Two parties, one at the View Rooftop where your boy is giving his 4-week session and one at Barrio Latino. You already know, your doctor stopped […]

Day 72 | Family First

Woke up on another day in another city. On Sunday I got bad news about my nephew: Junior was sick at the hospital. He is first born of the next generation, the first grandson of the family, our biggest baby . Knowing that, without thinking twice, your doctor jumped on the bus and made my […]

Wednesdays = Kitaba

Afternoon Montreal and the world. Today I hope you are already getting ready for Kitaba social and the Dr Kizomba live streaming of the class for all my people outside of Montreal. If you are inside Montreal, see you at Espace Des Arts for the free class at 8:30pm of course, and as well for […]

Arriving | Edmonton | Dr. Kizomba in Town

Yes, still in the plane. This kid, I dunno wassup with him, but he is turning this motherfucking plane upside down. He refused to stop everybody’s head going left and right, screaming. You gotta love it. I gotta love it when you see kids like that. Not every kid is like Wednesday. This little motherfucker […]

Day 60 | Montreal, Are You Ready?

The struggle is over, the fun was necessary. 60 days of tears, joy and celebration. I had my last bacalhau at the airport and I took a piece with me just to be sure before I land to have a snack. I’ll close my eyes as I eat it and reminisce about my crazy experience […]

Day 116 | A Teacher’s Legacy

Good morning. It’s a Saturday in Montreal. It’s time to dance, of course. Tonight your boy and the Kizomba Canada dance squad #kcds are gonna be at Bachata Invasion in Montreal dancing and teaching and performing, with DJ the Best, DJ Fofo Jah and DJ Lumbo Joao… it’s gonna be a bezerk night. Give it […]

Day 21 | Gindungo: 14 to go

Good morning, Mi Gente. The dream of today was a little bit weird but I’d rather start with my quote so that everything flows naturally. Today’s quote: “wanna find out who your true friends are? Get sober.” I think this is self explanatory and I don’t need to give my two cents about it. But […]