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Day 18 | Moda Mwangole

I got a skateboard! I love art, the images, and the holes at the bottom so I can grab it. Dope. Please Mi Gente. Come and celebrate tomorrow with your boy Dr Kizomba an amazing Kizomba Night, Moda Mwangolé! You already know… We are going to party. We are going to laugh. We are going […]

Day 14 | Work Day, Happy Day

Today woke up with joy on my face, because yesterday’s open house was off the charts! The people were enthusiastic, the instructors were on point. We had the very first of the Dsantos franchises come up to give us a hand aka Dsantos VT, under the leadership of Sarah Snow. I was very proud to […]

Your Doctor Needed A Doctor

Greetings to my online savages. From the night of Wednesday to Thursday, your doctor needed a doctor. Yes. A combination of bad nutrition and alcohol led me into a situation that even water could not penetrate my system. Vomit was my comfort zone. No more details, I don’t want to disgust your ears. I had […]

Day 35 | Gindungo: Day 2

Good morning, but I am really talking about afternoon as we speak. Another day of Gindungo, actually the official 2nd day. Yesterday’s party was off the chain. Oh my fucking god. The house went down. I am not really talking about the house going down, but the party was flawless. The atmosphere, 1000. The vibes, […]

Day 55 | Gangsta Physique Day 2

Finished my workout right now. Wow what a workout, man I almost forgot how to work out my back. Pull ups were so hard today, because I did them yesterday. As I was figuring out my workout as I go, man it felt great. But one thing I noticed. Having a personal trainer is one […]

Day Ooops | Wakanda Weekender

Well. Wakanda weekend. Amazing San Antonio. The weather, amazing. Old friends, amazing. I finished my first semba workshop. Amazing. Always planting cookies on student’s minds. Shit that motherfuckers don’t usually think about but is very important on the dance floor. That’s why your boy is named Dr. Kizomba. I have a sad news to tell […]

New York | Dr. Kizomba show | Bus

Good Morning, Mi Gente it’s your boy, you know the unapologetic motherfucker aka Dr Kizomba,… Today | woke up so tired 💤 dreaming like inferno sweaty like a pig 🐽 wait a minute pigs 🐷 don’t sweat 💦 lol but you know what I mean, then rushed to the Station to catch my NYC bus […]

Montreal | Cold | Minus 23 Degrees

Good morning. Good Afternoon because we already on Good Evening. Man, today is a beautiful lazy day. The weather is currently minus 15 degrees in Montreal. Do you know what minus 15 degrees means? Minus 15 sun rise at 7:31 am sun set at 4:31 pm, zero changes of snow, 55% humidity, the wind is […]

Ryen | San Diego | Dr Kizomba Friends

Welcome Ryen and bye Ryen. My friend from many many years, she graduated and then she moved to San Diego and got married and has a daughter and is living happily the American dream with the dream job of her career. Ryen is a very inspiration great friend and #DrKizomba original privates student. I dunno […]

Montreal | My City | Home Sweet Home

Wow man, Montreal. A beautiful city, awkward AF from time to time, because of the weather. But leaving the house alone and not having a plan to do anything, but to go get my Vans at the Van store and then magically stumble at a bar called Laurence order a burger, but the burger was […]