All Queens Matter

Afternoon Montreal and the world. Today is another Wednesday, with many more to come. Focusing on today: get your feet ready because we actually starting a little earlier with the back to school program. 6:30pm beginners, 7:30pm intermediate so that at 8:30pm sharp we start the advanced class and as well the live streaming of […]

Day 12 | Gindungo: 23 to go

Good morning Mi Gente. I know, it’s about noon. I started my day with this amazing quote “That’s the problem with putting others first: you’ve taught them you come second”. Stop trying to please people, my people, and try to please yourself much more often. Our differences are the things that make each one of […]

Day 13 | Gindungo: 22 to go

Good day Mi Gente. I’m really thinking seriously of career change. I need to sign up for some comedy. Cuz not being able to drink and smoke has made me realize that I can take more stupidity than ever and talking about it is funny as fuck! I’m gonna start by my 2 or 3 […]

Day 14 | Gindungo: 21 to go

Good day, Mi Gente. It’s 5 o clock, it’s Saturday, and it’s roasting time. Yesterday was gooood! I don’t really remember what I did, I just know that I woke up feeling good. Ohhhhh shit, now I remember. I was roasting a live video yesterday. I was talking about my buddy Carlos. If you guys […]

Day 18 | Gindungo: 17 to go

Good day Mi Gente. It’s your boy Dr Kizomba waking up a little confused but happy. It’s day 18 for soberness, smoking-free and I just added one more subject: exposing the fakes. The topic of today is “inside jokes” aka friend of a friend trying to throw shade on another friend because they’re jealous of […]

Day 19 | Gindungo: 16 to go

19! We almost at day 20 of soberness. Poor Malenfant. We had to wake up at 5o’clock in the morning to go and get some paperwork done in Quebec city. We drove 3 hours. I had to stand OUTSIDE, a long waiting line. Thank you US 🇺🇸embassy, making a nigga stand in the wind and […]

Day 21 | Gindungo: 14 to go

Good morning, Mi Gente. The dream of today was a little bit weird but I’d rather start with my quote so that everything flows naturally. Today’s quote: “wanna find out who your true friends are? Get sober.” I think this is self explanatory and I don’t need to give my two cents about it. But […]

Day 22 | Gindungo: 13 to go

“We can’t become who we want by remaining who we are.” Sober day 22, smoking-free day 22. Let me tell you a funny story about yesterday. Your boy went to Moka, another beautiful place where we dance old school Cuban Salsa and Bachata. It’s actually a legendary place because most of the folks that go […]

Day 23 | Gindungo: 12 to go

Good morning Mi Gente. This post is exclusively for my fellow dancers, especially new dancers and new performers that are trying to break  into this kizomba business by any means necessary. Listen here, motherfuckers! I am an artist. Flavie’s an artist. Aka we need to teach classes and we need to travel to make our […]

Day 24 | Gindungo: 11 to go

Good day, good day Mi Gente! Fuck man, I had a crazy dream last night. But first, today is sober day 24, alcohol free, carrot juice boy, still on the grizzle for all my nizzles representing that soberness. The dream was dope, because my dream was a mix between my iWatch and the movie Blade […]

Day 25 | Gindungo: 10 to go

Good day Mi Gente! I’m going to be a little bit personal with this post, and since today is Revelation Wednesday aka my social is today by the name of Kitaba, the Great Angolan Peanut Butter. I was having a funny and hard Angolan debate with my brother Nunes Da Costa last night on Facebook. […]

Day 27 | Gindungo: 7 days to go

Oh my god! I just opened up my eyes and realized I woke up away from Montreal. It’s day 27 of soberness and smoking free and I believe my biggest challenge was yesterday, because my biggest drink uber friend my Jack Daniels old school friend Mr Javi was there and all my New York people […]