Kitaba Saturday

Good Sunday Mi Gente! I know a lot people is already thinking about what they gonna do on Monday but stay calm you still have a few hours. ⏰ Let’s talk about sex, baby Let’s talk about you and me Let’s talk about all the good things and the bad things that may be Let’s […]

Day 31 | Gindungo: 3 days to go

Good afternoon Mi Gente, I woke up in the morning but I waited till noon to drop you this note because I know most of you guys are on break right now. Today is day 31 of soberness, alcohol free, weed free, all the detox is marinating in my melanine and shining shining shining. Yesterday […]

Montreal | My City | Home Sweet Home

Wow man, Montreal. A beautiful city, awkward AF from time to time, because of the weather. But leaving the house alone and not having a plan to do anything, but to go get my Vans at the Van store and then magically stumble at a bar called Laurence order a burger, but the burger was […]

Day 14 | Work Day, Happy Day

Today woke up with joy on my face, because yesterday’s open house was off the charts! The people were enthusiastic, the instructors were on point. We had the very first of the Dsantos franchises come up to give us a hand aka Dsantos VT, under the leadership of Sarah Snow. I was very proud to […]

Kitaba Was Lit | #stuckinlisbon Flashbacks

Good day Mi Gente, your boy just woke up, Kitaba last night was too good. It’s your boy Dr. Kizomba unapologetic motherfucker. You already know the drill, we don’t have to tell you more. Yesterday was a very grey day because yesterday was grey. When I left my crib, it looked like a sweater day. […]

Canadian Dream

Good afternoon my people. We just left the 12 noon margin and we headed to the afternoon moon. Todd, contact me my brother, real fast. I got Rui loading his weapons, Amber Rose didn’t see the post yet, but Maria from Vancouver is watching and so many more people. My brother, urban kiz is an […]

Snow | Rain | Cold | Dear Canada

Listening to Stop Trying to be GOD by my boy Travis Scott, crossing the border with a smile on my face and memories in my mind, while the officer is telling me welcome to Canada 🇨🇦 on my tattooed passport inked up with a lot of stamps. His face was like he must be someone, […]

Day 84 | Falling In Love With Montreal

I never looked at this city for what it is or understood how special it is until now. From 2014 to 2017, your boy and Flavie had the opportunity to travel and share the beautiful art of #semba, #kizomba and #kuduro worldwide. Every week, a new city, a different plane, jet lag, hundreds of new […]

Day 35 | Gindungo: Day 2

Good morning, but I am really talking about afternoon as we speak. Another day of Gindungo, actually the official 2nd day. Yesterday’s party was off the chain. Oh my fucking god. The house went down. I am not really talking about the house going down, but the party was flawless. The atmosphere, 1000. The vibes, […]

Home Sweet Home | Montreal | Dr. Kizomba Show

Home sweet home. Maaaaaaaan, I miss Montreal. My ways, my paths, the people that I know from the convenience store, to Baby my hairdresser. Hochelaga neighborhood… my hood. Skateboard park by Préfontaine… my playground. Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. I love my city Montreal, like I love Vans. Okay, enough of that. I’m making my hair puuuuuurty for the […]

Day 51 | Squad Goals

Mi Gente, you really liked my first show with the Kizomba Canada team since I got back from #stuckinlisbon. Name of the show = Fashion, and we looked good. 😎 Don’t worry, my people, the next show is gonna be even better! 🔥 I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: gotta give it […]