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“Pac never Sing like Mike & Mike Never Rap like Pac” This is a line from Drake’s Daddy 4am in Calabasas. Great song Drizzy and what an amazing album CARE PACKAGE … The effect is happening. I dropped Facebook like I dropped my ex girlfriend that was using Kizomba Canada to pay her Visa Maxed […]

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Oh lord 5 hours to go and my two front neighbors are having a conversation in their language like no one is in the plane. I don’t wanna be rude but shiiiiit. Flavie sleeping, am not just gonna let this party go while like that as a matter fact everyone sleeping. They both older like […]

Airport | Border Patrol | Dr. Kizomba

Good morning good day, it’s your boy Dr. Kizomba aka unapologetic motherfucker. Border patrol! Oh shit. They called me back again, asked me why I travel so much, what I do, why I’m so special. The real question is: Dr. Kizomba, why your passport so full of tattoos and why you have a nose ring, […]

Day 2.1 | Goodbye Wakanda Weekend

Good Monday to everybody. Yes, your boy Dr. Kizomba is already at the airport. Yes, I need my coffee. I gotta give it up for San Antonio, thank you so much for having me this weekend. It was amazing. It was priceless. But more importantly, it was lit. I was able to see old friends, […]

Day 40 | Baltimore: Early Flight

Put my shades on, didn’t sleep after Kitaba, packed my bags, sold 3 leggings, had 14 pairs with me, now have 10-11 with me. Got my Asics bag, packed all my leggings at the bottom like a smuggler, put all my clothes on top to make it a little normal. Get to the airport, flying […]

Day 40 | Landed in Baltimore

LANDED! Barely made my 2nd flight, me and about 5 other people had to ruuuuuuuuun! That was a serious run, when we made to the gate, the door was already closed, she had to scan our tickets illegally, but we made it. I had to release the fart that I was holding for a loooooooooooooooooong […]

Day 44 | Baltimore Flight Home

Got to the airport on time, Hugo got me to the airport on time, online check-in amazing using my new app Apple Wallet. And so the fuckery starts. I was sitting down at my gate 1, when I got a notification that the Chicago flight is late, and so my gate changed to C4. That’s […]