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Ooooh Jen is gonna kill us with all this much food. And little Katalina keeps on entertaining! She’s the life of the party. Yes my people it’s your boyfriend unapologetic motherfucker Dr Kizomba arriving in Chicago and I’m in the mansion right now. Katalina is doing all the job and Flavie is so happy to […]

Day 44 | Baltimore: Day 4

Last snap of the night. Just came from the afterparty where the security was trying to kick everyone out. My friend the famous saxophone player was trying to sneak some drinks on me. Fireball, I hate that drink, even back when I was drinking. That shit burns! And that cinnamon taste? Reminds you to never […]

Day 5 | Bye San Francisco

Currently on the plane ️ I guess that’s the story of my life. Engels is the real MVP, his first congress already a banger, that’s unreal. So much people, to the point of me being lost in the salsa room by the sounds of this lady Japanese DJ that murdered the dance floor. I couldn’t […]

Paris | Tecas | Plan B

Ça va, mi Gente? C’est votre gars, sans filtre ni restraint Dr. Kizomba qui vous écrit de Paris. Ok ok ok I got a little carried away, I was already starting in Français since I am in Paris, but you know what I was saying. I was saying wassup wassup wassup it’s your boy Dr. […]


I really gotta clean my forehead! I don’t know what that shit is, but I really should clean it. Too much sweat and shit. Aight mi Gente it’s your boy Dr Kizomba, don’t worry. I am in Vermont this weekend. I just taught 3 classes. Handing out with my Dsantos VT franchise, a lot of […]

Dr. Kizomba | Travel Blog | Cincinnati

Just landed. Partying by myself. The bartender fixed me up a Strong Island Iced Tea, off the chain. I’m already feeling the buzz. Still cold in this area but my jacket is off the chain. My body suit covered me up. That was an excellent buy and I’m not gonna tell where I bought it […]

Tampa | Gators | Seafood

Beautiful Tampa. I never thought that living in the middle of the wild can have its benefits and beautiful views and the most important the people are so down to earth. Amazed by it all. Yesterday I saw my first wild alligator! I had asked Martin if they are in this water. Martin replied “I’ve […]

Good Decisions

Welcome to 2018. Like I told you, more money, less bullshit, eliminate the drama. Those are 3 things that we need to focus on this year. But let’s not forget where we came from, of course. From a small little community of dancing addicts, with a little mix of party animals, and lego-building minds. Yesterday […]

Spooktacular | Party Time | Edmonton

Hello hello. Here’s the deal. My people tonight Spooktacular latin party with your boy Dr. Kizomba. You already know, it’s gonna be a Cuban affair mixed with Kizomba and Salsa and all that good stuff. My people, all my friends that live in this area, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Calgary, Yellowknife, Vagina oh no oops, Regina, yall […]

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Last night Jen told me to go to a place in Chicago, a salsa and bachata night. And I was like yeah, why not? Let’s promote some Kizomba. As soon as I walk into the party, that what my boy’s party, Andreas Meneses the boy I was telling you about who brought me to Chicago […]

Day 44 | GoodBye Baltimore

ll good things have to come to an end. Kizomba-Salsa-Bachata Congress in Baltimore, as I am sitting in the hotel lobby waiting for Hugo to come and pick me up, if you don’t know Hugo that is my escort to the airport, having my yogurt coffee and water, and with my ca-ching! on my pocket. […]