Day 22 | Gindungo: 13 to go

“We can’t become who we want by remaining who we are.” Sober day 22, smoking-free day 22. Let me tell you a funny story about yesterday. Your boy went to Moka, another beautiful place where we dance old school Cuban Salsa and Bachata. It’s actually a legendary place because most of the folks that go […]

Day 68 | Baila Con Gusto

Oh my god. Semba classes on Tuesday, off the chain. The students are getting better. Kitaba social last night, off the chain. 4 students won Gindungo 4 passes! I told you to get the passes, but you didn’t listen to me. Now people is getting their passes on deck. I honestly thought that I was […]

Karma Chameleon

Good Wednesday Mi Gente, you already know what we gonna do today. Today you can come and meet your boy Dr. Kizomba with a regular free kizomba class at 8:30, that’s where you come see me if you wanna come see me for free.If you’re not in my city, its ok we got you, just […]

Kitaba Social | Bye Montreal | North Carolina

Sup Gang Gang it’s your traveling blogger Dr. Kizomba aka the unapologetic mofo. Before I even start talking about anything let me tell you about Kitaba last night! Ohh Lord, the ladies where hiding, too much dancing, the guys applying fire technique mixed with smoothness, a harmonic dance floor,smiling genuinely ufff. I can keep going […]

Day 25 | Gindungo: 10 to go

Good day Mi Gente! I’m going to be a little bit personal with this post, and since today is Revelation Wednesday aka my social is today by the name of Kitaba, the Great Angolan Peanut Butter. I was having a funny and hard Angolan debate with my brother Nunes Da Costa last night on Facebook. […]

Christmas | Toronto | Junior

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone and their families. Dogs, raccoons, bears, fish and oh I almost forgot, humans. All the above celebrate today with your family the birth of I guess, Nigga Jesus, yeah. I mean even if you don’t believe just do it for the cause. Just do it for the Santa […]

Day 67 | Feeling Pumped

Yesterday was the last day of the Kizomba Canada Summer Set session. First session completed since I got back from #stuckinLisbon. Your boy had a long convo with the students about what they like/don’t like and how they feel when they go to other social to practice their kizomba. They told me 💯 what I […]

Day 2.3 | Kitaba Tonight

Good afternoon. I didn’t have time to do no daily post today because I was playing video games until 4 o’clock in the morning today, and I woke up at 11 something and I had to get ready for a private at 12 oclock with my people. I had to prepare with my brother JP […]

Short and Sweet

Good morning Mi Gente! First gig of the year, Houston Salsa Congress, Kizomba Canada is being well represented by our Highness 👑Flavie Merise. Montreal is being represented too, shiiiiiiiiiiit. Donald Trump stop talk about Haiti and give some electricity to Puerto Rico. I’m not gonna say anything because everybody is already roasting you so go […]

Day 31 | Gindungo: 3 days to go

Good afternoon Mi Gente, I woke up in the morning but I waited till noon to drop you this note because I know most of you guys are on break right now. Today is day 31 of soberness, alcohol free, weed free, all the detox is marinating in my melanine and shining shining shining. Yesterday […]