#stuckincanada40 Videos

Day 6 | Sleeping Beauty

Mi Gente, today is beautiful day, last night was a beautiful night. I spent yesterday playing video games and got a surprise visit from Kimmy & Mathias, Kizomba Canada’s cutest mini-couple. Your doctor even stayed awake long enough to make it to Moka Salsa social. 😴 Your boy is off to give a private to […]

Day 128 | My Kizomba Canada Babies

Good day Montreal, I’m sorry for not being able to send you this message before. Woke up and slept, woke up and slept, woke up and slept. One word: Kitaba. Second word: Social. Amazing. Yes, yes and yes. Imagine a culture in Montreal where people can actually dance, smile, laugh and meet new people. Young, […]

Day 39 | Some Quick Updates

Yesterday I went to Baila Con Gusto. An amazing night, as always 🎉. Gotta give it up to Dominique, JP and Montuno for keeping it up. To work, to own a studio, and still have one of the hottest nights in the city, week after week, year after year – for that I salute you.👊👍 […]

Day 84 | Falling In Love With Montreal

I never looked at this city for what it is or understood how special it is until now. From 2014 to 2017, your boy and Flavie had the opportunity to travel and share the beautiful art of #semba, #kizomba and #kuduro worldwide. Every week, a new city, a different plane, jet lag, hundreds of new […]

Day 10 | New Project

Your boy fell asleep in Mtl, woke up in TO. I came to visit my sister and my mini-me, my little nephew Junior in the six, my old city. Missed my fam after 60 days #stuckinlisbon. Nothing much has changed here but damn, what an expensive city! 💸Gonna hang out with my homies, and then […]

Day 129 | Winter Sauna

Good day but not really good morning. It’s snowing outside ☃️. Canadian weather on deck. Didn’t bought my boots yet. One of the things I like is drinking tap water because always comes fresh like a motherfucker. And having African blood, you know my heater is always on max. My place is so cozy, like […]

Day 40 | Go With The Flow

Yesterday was nice, spent some time with my skateboard, went to my skate park, didn’t see the time pass. When I stopped to look around, it was already dark. It’s a cool experience hanging out with people you don’t know, smoking, kicking, pushing coasting. Went home was a little bored, didn’t wanna work on no […]

Day 87 | 4-day Weekend

My weekend starts right now, Mi Gente. Why? Because. The only description for yesterday’s class: amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing. Jam packed. Lots of new faces in the fall program. Students that are willing to learn kizomba AND semba AND kuduro, meaning we see each other Monday AND Tuesday AND Wednesday, and top it off with the new Kitaba […]

Day 12 | Vacation’s Over

I like the buildings in TO, they give me a real concrete jungle feeling. 🏙 It felt good to see old friends. Went to see my dancehall queen champion Lily Vibes. My boy Shotta Biggz! In high school we did real things 🤐😅. Saw my boy Todd Rose. Today is your boy’s last day of […]

Day 130 | Stage Life

Good morning and afternoon. Just opened my eye . If you guys noticed, this is a back to back daily report. Ok, let’s make it worth your while. Last night, I gotta give thanks to the team Kizomba Canada . We did a performance at my brother Dance Alejandro in Laval. It was scary because […]

Day 41 | Feeling Saintly

Woke up today feeling confused. McNuggets, rum and coke beside my bed, Netflix still playing. Trying to put the puzzle together to figure out what the heck I did yesterday. Oh shit I remember, guess what? I was supposed to go out. Female friend gave me a phone call, asking what I was doing. I’m […]

Day 98 | Hospital Visit

Man, what a week. I dunno where to start. Last Saturday, while performing at Moka social with the #kcds, my knee just popped out. Right in the middle of the kuduro section of the show. Pop, out it went. Don’t know what reason, wasn’t even a hard move at all, my knee just slid out […]