#stuckincanada40 Videos

Day 72 | Family First

Woke up on another day in another city. On Sunday I got bad news about my nephew: Junior was sick at the hospital. He is first born of the next generation, the first grandson of the family, our biggest baby . Knowing that, without thinking twice, your doctor jumped on the bus and made my […]

Day 116 | A Teacher’s Legacy

Good morning. It’s a Saturday in Montreal. It’s time to dance, of course. Tonight your boy and the Kizomba Canada dance squad #kcds are gonna be at Bachata Invasion in Montreal dancing and teaching and performing, with DJ the Best, DJ Fofo Jah and DJ Lumbo Joao… it’s gonna be a bezerk night. Give it […]

Day 28 | Modest Like Mayweather

Mi Gente, did you watch the fight? Damn. There were 2 people in that ring, but only one of them was a boxer. I am a McGregor fan, but Mayweather demolished him. It was like watching a tiger play with a kitten. You can’t fake greatness. Watching Mayweather is watching the results of thousands of […]

Day 73 | Hard Work

Eweee Mi Gente! Last Thursday, you already know, Manuel & Flavie taught at Baila Con Gusto. Lots of new faces, discovering #kizomba for the first or second time. That made me happy. You know what else made me happy? Seeing my team wearing their Gindungo shirts, and dancing the night away. Kizomba, Salsa… even Bachata. […]

Day 1 | New Home, New Routine

Mi Gente! #stuckinlisbon, one of the biggest experiences of my life, ended with the scariest flight ever. Yesterday, your boy was supposed to land in Mtl at 3pm. But the plane was late. So then we were supposed to land at 4pm. But there was a crazy thunderstorm happening in Mtl at 4pm. The plane […]

Day 117 | But Why, Tho?

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening. Last night couldn’t contain myself 😍. Staying in the sidelines and seeing my team perform, doing an amazing job in Montreal Bachata invasion with our new kuduro performance. My babies were fearless, closing the show for 2nd time at a Bachata Invasion event. Muchas gracias Mr. Bahram for inviting […]

Day 31 | In Shape, Almost

Mi Gente, I’ll admit. Life was good when #stuckinlisbon. So good that your boy came back to Canada weighing a LITTLE bit over 200lbs #detailsarenotimportant. All those giant chubby shrimp 🍤 in your boy’s belly. Well, I woke up today, and got on the scale and I am 194.8lbs #detailsareveryimportant. Boom! 💣No other exercise being […]

Day 81 | Student Energy on High

Woke up this morning feeling kinda dizzy. Man, I’m in love with my students. 😍 🔹#kuduroMondays: Monday’s kuduro class was ah-maze-zing. Lots of returning faces from the Summer Set program, which means they liked what they got. They worked HARD. They sweated at LOT. They sweated a little bit but they smiled and laughed! And […]

Day 4 | Jet Lagged

Damn. The jet lag is killing me. Waking up in a new apartment as well, I’m out of the comfort zone. Feeling like a total stranger in my city. Your boy wanted to go out to Baila con Gusto last night but by the time I had my clothes on I was too tired. I […]

Day 127 | Some Good News!

Good day Montreal! It’s Wednesday. You already know that we have our Kizomba classes starting at 6:30pm. You already know that all my Montreal people can come and join Dr. Kizomba for a free class starting at 8:30pm, mixing up with the Kitaba social, and we’ll finish at midnight… ish. Alright. We got some great […]

Day 36 | Sembarific

Whappening Mi Gente? I’m going to Biggz Barber right now, feeling really good, gonna look even better after my bro is finished with my face 👹. My nose still hurts from my nose piercing on Saturday, but not as much. Crazy kind of pain, it goes straight from my nose to my eye. But it […]

Day 82 | Unexpected Gratitude

Mi Gente, have you been checking out all the good work we’ve been doing at Kizomba Canada? 🔹 Summer set session: ✅ 🔹 New fall program: a sell-out in the first week! 🔥 🔹 A growing dance squad #kcds 🔹 Shows, shows and more shows 🔹 Launching a new weekly social for Montreal: the Kitaba […]