#soberdays102 Videos

Day 26 | NYC Subway Saga

The stupidest subway system in the entire universe. First of all, there is a lady sitting at the booth, giving you instructions to go work with a machine that has 600 buttons on it and looks like a fucking Japanese robot. The lady in the booth is extra rude, with a majestic moustache. After I […]

Day 48 | Calgary, Here I Come!

Good morning. I gotta find out my seat. 13A. This is a tiny motherfreaking plane, looks like one of those ones on TV. Fast one to Toronto, and then switch to Calgary for the Calgary Salsa Congress. Didn’t sleep this morning. Woke up with Amber Rose sending text messages for a mutual group for a […]

Day 71 | Boston: 5 days to go

Good afternoon Mi Gente! You guys already know that yesterday I wasn’t very talkative right here on the internet. Don’t blame me, blame it on the movie theatres. Because myself and Mango went ahead to check out the Avengers movie and let me tell you. Boy, I got upset. I got a little upset about […]

Day 34 | Gindungo: Day 1

Good morning Montreal. Baila Con Gusto has never been crazier before. The pre-party was off the chain, starting with a performance with Frans and Sarah that brought the house down and the big kizomba room – Louvre – still didn’t have space for all of us to dance and when the kuduro came on the […]

Day 55 | Vermont, Here We Come

Good morning Mi Gente. Yesterday your doctor was a bad boy. I only slept at 6 o’clock in the morning, due to one of my students. Navi is going back to India, so we had a little get-together for him, and we stayed up till 4 o’clock in the morning, talking until people started falling […]

Day 81 | Texas via Chicago via Houston

Just arrived at Chi-town, one hour behind Montreal, I did some time travelling and still managed to miss my flight. I dunno actually, I’m going to my gate to find out what the heck is going on. Now that I see some black people, I guess I am in Chicago. Hopefully I don’t cross Kanye […]

Day 18 | Gindungo: 17 to go

Good day Mi Gente. It’s your boy Dr Kizomba waking up a little confused but happy. It’s day 18 for soberness, smoking-free and I just added one more subject: exposing the fakes. The topic of today is “inside jokes” aka friend of a friend trying to throw shade on another friend because they’re jealous of […]

Day 42 | Baltimore: Day 2

Allo good morning mi Gente, not really good morning it’s good afternoon. Yesterday Kizomba-Salsa-Bachata Congress in Baltimore was brutal. Amazing workout, amazing dancing, amazing control of emotion. Yesterday, I really enjoyed my salsa dancing, it brought me to my salsa days. And as I was dancing, people were telling me, yo your salsa is really […]

Day 62 | Mexico, Day 2 | Birthday Boy

Good morning Mi Gente! Literally this was the first early workshop I ever had in my life. 10 o’clock on a Friday morning, started to teach semba in Mexico. I dunno where all these people came from, but they were there by 9:30 waiting at the door. Ate a little bit in between, took a […]

Day 27 | Gindungo: 7 days to go

Oh my god! I just opened up my eyes and realized I woke up away from Montreal. It’s day 27 of soberness and smoking free and I believe my biggest challenge was yesterday, because my biggest drink uber friend my Jack Daniels old school friend Mr Javi was there and all my New York people […]

Day 48 | Calgary Toronto

Just landed. This plane so tiny I am gonna sit down. Just landed in TO, the plane is so small we gonna have to walk on the tarmac. That reminds me of Angola. Everybody is rushing like they all have something special to do. Let’s hope I don’t forget anything on the plane. And there […]

Day 72 | Boston: 4 days to go

Good morning Mi Gente. I know it’s past afternoon but your doctor had to wake up today earlier to deal with the government. Oh well. Let me tell you how that go. Taxes taxes taxes. Aka stealing stealing stealing. So you telling me that the money is going to the teachers, the hospitals, the roads, […]