Dr. Kizomba | Travel Blog | Cincinnati

Well well we’ll, good morning. It’s been a while since Dr. Kizomba hit that pen. But now that I’m on the plane, I’ve the time and space to update you with my brain situation. Still part crazy but very methodical. I’m careful with my words because my festival is actually soon. I don’t wanna piss […]

Day 67 | Baila Con Gusto: 1 day to go

Good morning, Mi Gente. What an amazing birthday weekend. What an amazing day. I don’t believe that the weather is the way it is these days, but hey, I have my heater on just in case. Yesterday, Montreal was a little hot, but going through the evening wasn’t as hot as it was during the […]

Day 65 | Baila Con Gusto: 3 days to go

#soberdays | #day65 | #BailaConGusto3daystogo Good day Mi Gente! Fell asleep in Mexico, woke up in Montreal. It’s your boy Dr. Kizomba, unapologetic motherfucker, back on track. It is Monday. It is day 65 of soberness, alcohol and smokes free. Survived the tequila sun temptation and Mexican and Cuban cigars. To be specific, Cohibas by […]

Day 44 | Baltimore Flight Home

Got to the airport on time, Hugo got me to the airport on time, online check-in amazing using my new app Apple Wallet. And so the fuckery starts. I was sitting down at my gate 1, when I got a notification that the Chicago flight is late, and so my gate changed to C4. That’s […]

Day 41 | Baltimore: Day 1, Part 2

Feeling a little tired after the kuduro class, I didn’t know how I was gonna feel doing kuduro more than 4 times a week. It was a great reception. And the people were amazing. I went to a Dominican barbershop to get my line up. But they took a bit too long, and my Uber […]

Day 40 | Baltimore: Pre-party Talk

Woke up right now, looking around asking myself, wtf where am I? why am I in this white room with a silver bed behind me? and then 10 seconds later I realized I am in Baltimore and I was tired as fuck. Got an Instagram message from my friend’s girl, Lettie, mutual friend of Fabricio […]

Day 39 | Baltimore: 1 day to go

Good morning Mi Gente, Good afternoon. Good morning again, because its noon.⏰ I will start with my quote of the day “A person who feels appreciated will always do more than is expected”. On that note, Facebook is motherfucking going crazy, man! In a good motherfucking way. All I see is Gindungo Gindungo Gindungo Gindungo […]

Day 38 | Baltimore: 2 days to go

Good afternoon Mi Gente. Hey hey hey hey! It’s Dr. Kizomba, the one and only unapologetic motherfucker is back! Not only back, but I’m going, because Thursday I gotta get my flight to Baltimore, and get back to my performance life. Thank you for Baltimore Salsa Congress for really really really inviting your boy Dr. […]

Day 37 | Gindungo Recovery

Good morning Mi Gente, it’s noon. Yes, now I can acknowledge that I am tired, but I am not that tired. Ok, I lied, I am tired, but I am happy tired. Gindungo 3. I told you it was gonna be an atomic explosion. Wooooow. What a night last night! When people thought that we […]

Day 36 | Gindungo: Day 3

Good morning, Mi Gente, I dunno what to say. But what a great awesome titanic gigantic event Mi Gente. Saturday night! Like I told you! It was gonna be an atomic explosion. Literally I don’t know the exact count but for real for real, we had over 400 people in the building. Congratulations to Gindungo […]

Day 35 | Gindungo: Day 2

Good morning, but I am really talking about afternoon as we speak. Another day of Gindungo, actually the official 2nd day. Yesterday’s party was off the chain. Oh my fucking god. The house went down. I am not really talking about the house going down, but the party was flawless. The atmosphere, 1000. The vibes, […]

Day 34 | Gindungo: Day 1

Good morning Montreal. Baila Con Gusto has never been crazier before. The pre-party was off the chain, starting with a performance with Frans and Sarah that brought the house down and the big kizomba room – Louvre – still didn’t have space for all of us to dance and when the kuduro came on the […]