2019 | Savage Mood | Quotes

Quote: If dancers take dance workshops Dj’s should take as well, some of u SUCK ! 🤢 That was a quote that I just dropped after landing from Miami and I want to make it clear that I wasn’t talking about Miami but I was generally talking about the entire universe. Some DJs in congresses […]

Bad Man | Kitaba | 2k19

Oh my god. What a week. Miami was amazing. I got into Montreal, you guys saw my last quotes. Some other shit happened of course that I don’t really want to get into man. But all in all it was just a misunderstanding, I’m glad that it cleared out and the funny thing about it […]

Cold Day | Montreal | High School Bullshit

Good cold day. All my posts are gonna be directed directly to the cold. Another cold day in Montreal. Going to the convenience store right now, inside of an Uber. I’m a little zoom zoom, don’t really know what’s going on. Oh yeah, I might have a party tonight, its Giliane’s birthday. Giliane is my […]

Curadise | Dr. Kizomba | Private Pool

Good day good day good day, you already know your unapologetic motherfucker aka #drkizomba is in the islands. To be more specific, Curaçao and I have a pool in my backyard. Yes! A pool in my backyard. Isn’t that crazy? They just gave me a pool, all by myself. Look at this. Sunning with my […]

Day 12 | Gindungo: 23 to go

Good morning Mi Gente. I know, it’s about noon. I started my day with this amazing quote “That’s the problem with putting others first: you’ve taught them you come second”. Stop trying to please people, my people, and try to please yourself much more often. Our differences are the things that make each one of […]

Day 18 | Gindungo: 17 to go

Good day Mi Gente. It’s your boy Dr Kizomba waking up a little confused but happy. It’s day 18 for soberness, smoking-free and I just added one more subject: exposing the fakes. The topic of today is “inside jokes” aka friend of a friend trying to throw shade on another friend because they’re jealous of […]

Day 20 | Gindungo: 15 to go

Good morning Mi Gente. Like I told you yesterday, today is sober day #20, alcohol and drugs free. Amazing feeling after BCG yesterday this is one of my favorite socials to go dance in Mtl, salsa, bachata and kizomba. I like Moka too so don’t get jealous Brown Sugar. The only annoying thing yesterday was […]

Day 21 | Gindungo: 14 to go

Good morning, Mi Gente. The dream of today was a little bit weird but I’d rather start with my quote so that everything flows naturally. Today’s quote: “wanna find out who your true friends are? Get sober.” I think this is self explanatory and I don’t need to give my two cents about it. But […]

Day 23 | Gindungo: 12 to go

Good morning Mi Gente. This post is exclusively for my fellow dancers, especially new dancers and new performers that are trying to break  into this kizomba business by any means necessary. Listen here, motherfuckers! I am an artist. Flavie’s an artist. Aka we need to teach classes and we need to travel to make our […]