#stuckincanada40 Videos

Day 1 | New Home, New Routine

Mi Gente! #stuckinlisbon, one of the biggest experiences of my life, ended with the scariest flight ever. Yesterday, your boy was supposed to land in Mtl at 3pm. But the plane was late. So then we were supposed to land at 4pm. But there was a crazy thunderstorm happening in Mtl at 4pm. The plane […]

Day 10 | New Project

Your boy fell asleep in Mtl, woke up in TO. I came to visit my sister and my mini-me, my little nephew Junior in the six, my old city. Missed my fam after 60 days #stuckinlisbon. Nothing much has changed here but damn, what an expensive city! 💸Gonna hang out with my homies, and then […]

Day 104 | Feliz Dia Da Independência

Woke up at 2 am. Just saw the video of my babies performing at the Boston Brazil Dance Festival. They did good, traveling and spreading their love for Kizomba, without their doctor. 😍👊👍👌 Today, we are the 11th of November 2017. Very happy Independence Day to my country. Let me tell the story of this […]

Day 111 | Mastering Hello

Man. Facebook is going wild with those Kizomba posts. I’m gonna be honest, it’s a lot of fun watching people so engaged in something simple, and so opinionated in something they believe is right. But it’s also funny to see people so emotionally involved and losing it while they typing saying shit they didn’t mean. […]

Day 114 | Kitaba Thanksgiving

Good morning, good afternoon good day Mi Gente. Just opened my eyes. Checked my legs, checked my arms, I’m alive. Another day, another dollar. Kitaba social yesterday was off the chain. DJ Do Marçal did what he was supposed to do. Great job. The people were very happy. The mixes were smooth. We had fun […]

Day 116 | A Teacher’s Legacy

Good morning. It’s a Saturday in Montreal. It’s time to dance, of course. Tonight your boy and the Kizomba Canada dance squad #kcds are gonna be at Bachata Invasion in Montreal dancing and teaching and performing, with DJ the Best, DJ Fofo Jah and DJ Lumbo Joao… it’s gonna be a bezerk night. Give it […]

Day 117 | But Why, Tho?

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening. Last night couldn’t contain myself 😍. Staying in the sidelines and seeing my team perform, doing an amazing job in Montreal Bachata invasion with our new kuduro performance. My babies were fearless, closing the show for 2nd time at a Bachata Invasion event. Muchas gracias Mr. Bahram for inviting […]

Day 12 | Vacation’s Over

I like the buildings in TO, they give me a real concrete jungle feeling. 🏙 It felt good to see old friends. Went to see my dancehall queen champion Lily Vibes. My boy Shotta Biggz! In high school we did real things 🤐😅. Saw my boy Todd Rose. Today is your boy’s last day of […]

Day 127 | Some Good News!

Good day Montreal! It’s Wednesday. You already know that we have our Kizomba classes starting at 6:30pm. You already know that all my Montreal people can come and join Dr. Kizomba for a free class starting at 8:30pm, mixing up with the Kitaba social, and we’ll finish at midnight… ish. Alright. We got some great […]

Day 128 | My Kizomba Canada Babies

Good day Montreal, I’m sorry for not being able to send you this message before. Woke up and slept, woke up and slept, woke up and slept. One word: Kitaba. Second word: Social. Amazing. Yes, yes and yes. Imagine a culture in Montreal where people can actually dance, smile, laugh and meet new people. Young, […]

Day 129 | Winter Sauna

Good day but not really good morning. It’s snowing outside ☃️. Canadian weather on deck. Didn’t bought my boots yet. One of the things I like is drinking tap water because always comes fresh like a motherfucker. And having African blood, you know my heater is always on max. My place is so cozy, like […]