#stuckincanada40 Videos

Day 87 | 4-day Weekend

My weekend starts right now, Mi Gente. Why? Because. The only description for yesterday’s class: amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing. Jam packed. Lots of new faces in the fall program. Students that are willing to learn kizomba AND semba AND kuduro, meaning we see each other Monday AND Tuesday AND Wednesday, and top it off with the new Kitaba […]

Day 84 | Falling In Love With Montreal

I never looked at this city for what it is or understood how special it is until now. From 2014 to 2017, your boy and Flavie had the opportunity to travel and share the beautiful art of #semba, #kizomba and #kuduro worldwide. Every week, a new city, a different plane, jet lag, hundreds of new […]

Day 82 | Unexpected Gratitude

Mi Gente, have you been checking out all the good work we’ve been doing at Kizomba Canada? 🔹 Summer set session: ✅ 🔹 New fall program: a sell-out in the first week! 🔥 🔹 A growing dance squad #kcds 🔹 Shows, shows and more shows 🔹 Launching a new weekly social for Montreal: the Kitaba […]

Day 81 | Student Energy on High

Woke up this morning feeling kinda dizzy. Man, I’m in love with my students. 😍 🔹#kuduroMondays: Monday’s kuduro class was ah-maze-zing. Lots of returning faces from the Summer Set program, which means they liked what they got. They worked HARD. They sweated at LOT. They sweated a little bit but they smiled and laughed! And […]

Day 73 | Hard Work

Eweee Mi Gente! Last Thursday, you already know, Manuel & Flavie taught at Baila Con Gusto. Lots of new faces, discovering #kizomba for the first or second time. That made me happy. You know what else made me happy? Seeing my team wearing their Gindungo shirts, and dancing the night away. Kizomba, Salsa… even Bachata. […]

Day 72 | Family First

Woke up on another day in another city. On Sunday I got bad news about my nephew: Junior was sick at the hospital. He is first born of the next generation, the first grandson of the family, our biggest baby . Knowing that, without thinking twice, your doctor jumped on the bus and made my […]

Day 67 | Feeling Pumped

Yesterday was the last day of the Kizomba Canada Summer Set session. First session completed since I got back from #stuckinLisbon. Your boy had a long convo with the students about what they like/don’t like and how they feel when they go to other social to practice their kizomba. They told me 💯 what I […]

Day 51 | Squad Goals

Mi Gente, you really liked my first show with the Kizomba Canada team since I got back from #stuckinlisbon. Name of the show = Fashion, and we looked good. 😎 Don’t worry, my people, the next show is gonna be even better! 🔥 I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: gotta give it […]

Day 49 | Audience Chemistry

Slowly getting back into my routine from before #stuckinlisbon. Performances, costumes, training, last minute practices, tears, wanting to pee and shit at the same time before the show. Those are the anxieties of hard word, dedication and performance life. Last night I performed with my team for the first time our new routine that we’ve […]

Day 45 | Major Milestone

Finally. The Dr kizomba website is 💯 complete. All the videos, for all the levels. All done. Shiny and in HD. Mi Gente, if you want to learn #kizomba, it’s easy. Start with the beginner package, move to the intermediate package, jump on the advanced package. Each level is 8 weeks of videos, that you […]

Day 43 | The Art of Social Dancing

My kuduro gang yesterday did good, Mi Gente! They kept up with the choreo and I made them sweat . Mi Gente, if you don’t sweat when dancing kuduro, then you might be dancing, but you are 💯 not dancing kuduro. My students are starting to feel the music, it shows. 🎶They are learning that […]

Day 41 | Feeling Saintly

Woke up today feeling confused. McNuggets, rum and coke beside my bed, Netflix still playing. Trying to put the puzzle together to figure out what the heck I did yesterday. Oh shit I remember, guess what? I was supposed to go out. Female friend gave me a phone call, asking what I was doing. I’m […]